Kawasaki 1500 Exhaust Manifold Gasket



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The highest quality gasket material that outperforms anything on the market when it comes to reliability, durability, and re-usability.

Equalseal Gasket Material made from EQ 750G and recommended for use in sealing against oils, solvents, fuels, non-aggressive solutions, and service conditions up to 750°F.

Equivalent to Garlock Blue-Gard 3000 and Thermoseal C-4401, Crane 287-I/387-I, Sepco ML-310.


  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra250X·2007
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra250X·2008
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra260LX·2009
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra260LX·2010
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra260X·2009
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra260X·2010
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300LX·2011
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300LX·2012
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300LX·2013
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300X·2011
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300X·2012
  • Kawasaki·JetSkiUltra300X·2013

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