Sea-Doo Intake Manifold Bracket/Brace kit 4-TEC GTX GTR GTI RXP RXP-X RXT RXT-X Wake


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Bracket/brace kit for all 4-stroke Sea-Doo models starting from year 2004. Made of 6061 aluminum. Anodized in black to prevent things such as corrosion, and other types of wear to increase quality and durability. Made in USA.

This kit prevents the intake manifold from opening through reinforcement, by clamping it together. (Please note that the bracket is black as seen. The aluminum without black anodized coating pictures are just for better view).

Kit includes:

  • A bracket anodized in black (top part & bottom part that attach together) to secure the length of the intake manifold
  • 2 small anodized in black brackets to secure the sides of the intake manifold
  • 1 Allen key (to fasten bolts)
  • A total of 16 stainless steel bolts (1 will already come attached to the bracket to hold both parts together, and the 15 others come in the packaging).

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