Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 Stage 1 Kit (2012 - 2015)


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This kit delivers a significant level of performance (+3mph on U.S. models) through easily installed electronic and air intake components. No internal engine modifications are required.

  • RIVA Power Filter Kit is installed. Air intake is relocated forward away from hot engine delivering cold, fresh air to engine via large 4” smooth-bore ducting that is attached to supercharger with unique velocity stack and sturdy billet clamps.
  • RIVA Catch Can/Engine Breather Upgrade Kit is installed. Easy to install catch can/oil breather eliminates power-robbing crankcase fumes and oil vapor from your engine's air intake. Increases horsepower by removing the engine's requirement to burn relatively non-combustible oil. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing the oil sludge coating that lowers thermal efficiency.
  • RIVA Speed Control Override Module is installed. Module removes the restrictive GPS controlled speed limits of 67mph on U.S. on Sea-Doo iControl models allowing top speed to exceed factory settings. This is the "gateway part" necessary for all modifications that utilize stock ECU.

NOTE: Sea•Doo and RIVA both strongly recommend the use of premium octane (91+) pump fuel in your craft.

RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.


2012 SEA-DOO RXP-X 260 (IC)
2013 SEA-DOO RXP-X 260 (IC)
2014 SEA-DOO RXP-X 260 (IC)
2015 SEA-DOO RXP-X 260 (IC)


RIVA Sea-Doo 260 2011-15 Speed Control Override Module RS11090-SCOM-11

RIVA Sea-Doo 4-TEC Catch Can/Engine Breather Kit RS19050-BCC-1

RIVA Sea-Doo RXP/RXT 260 & GTR 215/230 Power Filter RS13111

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