SOLAS Impellers (Sea-Doo)

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SOLAS Impellers have a wide range of designs that can increase the low-end thrust and top-end speed of your personal watercraft – getting more power to your jet pump. SOLAS Impellers are constructed of high-strength, stainless steel, and feature a polished hub and exclusive hub-end water seal for reduced cavitation. The wide variety of SOLAS impellers for Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, and Yamaha personal watercraft have been used by world champions and lake-goers alike.

All watercraft come with a stock impeller, however, this impeller is made to work efficiently for a wide variety of users and scenarios. The standard style of the impeller is going to be more middle of the road performance-wise. If you are looking to get more top speed or bottom end out of your watercraft, this is when it is time to upgrade. You will want to take into account the following:

  • Weight- The more weight being carried, the more bottom end the watercraft will need to get on plane faster, therefore pitch would need to be reduced on the impeller to limit the volume passing through to the pump.
  • Performance- Depending on the overall weight of the watercraft, rider experience, and performance modifications, a rider may need a more aggressive impeller to suit added power and performance.
  • Horsepower- It is important to note the overall load and top RPM the watercraft will have after tuning at the very least.
  • Altitude- This can play a major role in watercraft performance. Using an impeller that works at sea level will restrict the motor at greater altitudes and vice versa.
  • Materials- leading brands in impeller manufacturing use stainless steel which allows for added strength and less weight than materials such as aluminum.
  • Pitch- Smaller pitches will improve acceleration and reduce top speed while increasing pitch will decrease acceleration while improving top speed. Combining smaller pitch at the leading edge of the blade with a larger pitch at the trailing edge, also known as Progressive Pitch, allows the impeller to grab water and catapult it back towards the pump, essentially giving you the best of both pitch styles.
  • Blade Configuration- Having overlapping blades allows impellers to have increased blade area, and thus increases vacuum and allows the impeller to pull more water in towards the pump.


  • 2019 GTX LIMITED 300
  • 2019 RXP-X 300
  • 2019 RXT-X 300
  • 2019 SPARK (2UP)
  • 2019 SPARK (3UP)
  • 2019 SPARK TRIXX (2UP)
  • 2018 GTX LIMITED 300
  • 2018 RXP-X 300
  • 2018 RXT-X 300
  • 2018 SPARK (2UP)
  • 2018 SPARK (3UP)
  • 2018 SPARK TRIXX (2UP)
  • 2017GTX LIMITED 300
  • 2017GTX LIMITED IS 260
  • 2017RXP-X 300
  • 2017RXT 260 (IC)
  • 2017RXT-X 300
  • 2017SPARK (2UP)
  • 2017SPARK (3UP)
  • 2017SPARK TRIXX (2UP)
  • 2016 GTR 215
  • 2016 GTS 130
  • 2016 GTX LIMITED (215)
  • 2016 GTX LIMITED 300
  • 2016 GTX LTD IS 260
  • 2016 RXP-X 300
  • 2016 RXT 260 (IC)
  • 2016 RXT-X 300
  • 2016 RXT-X AS 260
  • 2016 SPARK (2UP)
  • 2016 SPARK (3UP)
  • 2016 WAKE PRO 215 (IC)
  • 2015 GTR 215
  • 2015 GTS 130
  • 2015 GTX LIMITED (215)
  • 2015 GTX LTD IS 260
  • 2015 RXP-X 260 (IC)
  • 2015 RXT 260 (IC)
  • 2015 RXT-X 260 (IC)
  • 2015 RXT-X AS 260
  • 2015 SPARK (2UP)
  • 2015 SPARK (3UP)
  • 2015 WAKE PRO 215 (IC)

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